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YouTube Channel 5-10 Millions Subscribers
Atlanta, GA, USA - 4 Month(s)
Price $1000 @ 1 Unit
Profit Margin


Opening Date 2022/10/25 12:00:AM
Closing Date 2023/10/26 12:00:AM

Investment Summary

Felipe is looking to raise $1 - 3 million to acquire 1-3 FBA, FBM or eCommerce businesses.

Felipe has close to 20 years of experience in buying, scaling, and selling online businesses. He has built a solid portfolio of businesses in beauty – an industry known for its high margins and repeat customer rates. Felipe’s portfolio includes consumer brands, a manufacturing facility, a marketing agency, affiliate sites, and an online course. His portfolio of companies currently generates over $6 million in annual revenue.

Felipe has a great track record of buying and selling online businesses on the Empire Flippers Marketplace. One of the businesses he purchased in 2016 for $175,000, he managed to grow by 25% in revenue, 18% in repeat customer rates, and eventually sold it in 2018 for $345,000.

His strategy is to achieve fast initial growth through channel and marketplace expansion. Felipe takes products from online to offline by leveraging his relationships with wholesale partners for store placement and distribution. He also owns manufacturing and warehousing facilities, which allow him to produce and fulfill goods at higher margins. In conjunction with achieving low manufacturing costs, Felipe focuses on establishing a heavy eCommerce and social presence. Through the use of ads and post-purchase strategies he is able to grow traffic and mailing lists, resulting in revenue growth over a short period of time.

Category: YouTube Channel
Insurance: No

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